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Hair Design & Stylist

Whether you opt for a haircut or not, treat your tresses to the expertly crafted hair design and styling of Shear Creations By Missy salon. Offering the latest design and style trends and hair designs combined with the dependable efficiency required to maintain and manage a day to day look that suits your lifestyle, I offer reliable services according to the specific needs of my clientele. Choose a fresh look or boost your current hairstyle with a knowledgeable consultation at our full service salon.

Hair for Every Day or Extra Special Occasions

At Shear Creations By Missy I offer a range of hairstyling packages including skilled color consultation, deep conditioning and professional blow drying; curling and flat iron expertise. Browse through my wide variety of superior hair care products when you visit my welcoming salon and benefit from hair care advice that is always customized to your hair type and texture.

Is It Time for A New Hair Design Or Style?

Are you spending too much time designing or styling your hair? This is the case for many people. If you’re devoting excessive amounts of time and struggling to keep your hair in place with lots of products when getting ready for work or an evening out, it may be time for something new. Consult with me for practical advice and fresh ideas.

Have you kept the same design or style for 5 years or more? “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” is an adage that may work well for a machine, but not necessarily when referring to your hairstyle. Visit Shear Creations By Missy for a completely new style or design to make some adjustments to your preferred classic look.

Ideally, a hairstyle should match up with your wardrobe, career and day to day lifestyle. If you have a busy schedule, opt for a style that is easy to manage and still leaves you looking your best. Whether you want a big change or just a small tweak, I will work closely with you to find the style that best suits your everyday needs or special occasions.

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Hair Care Tips

In addition to getting the right cut to keep your look fresh in between salon visits, styling starts with skilled blow-drying techniques. Read my quick dry techniques below.

Blow Drying Basics:

Towel dry your hair – Pat gently, don’t rub, to avoid breakage.

Section off – Using an elastic or hair clips to separate hair and dry one section at a time.

Dry from the hair root, down the hair shaft, to the ends - Direct dryer heat using a brush to pull down hair in the natural direction of the cuticle from scalp to the tips.

Even heat distribution - Avoid directing heat in one area for too long which can lead to excessive damage. Use a thermal protectant for even better results.

Invest in a high quality professional dryer – Cut down drying time and increase heat and styling power with the latest lightweight models.

Shear Creations By Missy Hair Styling

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